Need For Theft is a special mod to GTA IV, GTA SA and GTA V. Mod is in progress right now. Game will be to download soon. But before the mod will be available you will see the trailer of the game. Click below to see what should be in game.




Better Graphics

Mod will get a new textures, lighting, shadows and more. For this mod you need have powerful computer (for BETA Version).

New Cars

In mod will be about 120-150 cars! Every car will have a realistic handling. *Also in later version should be a special missions.


Mod will get a new HUD, new loading system and more. In New HUD Should be a Speedometer (Maybe Tachometer), New Map Skin, etc.

1. New HUD

2. Better Graphics

3. New cars

NFT V0.2 BETA Version available!

The newsest 0.2 BETA Version of mod is now available. What you will find in mod?

1. New Cars

2. Speedometer, Tachometer, Nitro

3. New Graphics and Textures!

4. Some files in progress.

Don't know how to download mod? Trouble? Click button "How to download?". If you not sure is the game will start with mod check requirements.

Requirements 30FPS
Grand Theft Auto: Need For Speed 2015